Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 1

Here we go

Day 1 and the we are 1 match deep.  Kellan O'Neill started our day with a loss the the 5/8 seed Darosham Khan from Ontario.  The word from the Ontario coaches, is that Darosham recently moved to Ontario from Pakistan.  Watching the match, Khan as smooth and quick on court.  He would continually move forward and cut off Kellan's drives.  Now it is into the consolations for Kellan and his second match Sunday morning at 8:00am!

Coming up this afternoon:
5:15pm Gavin Maxwell
5:15pm Matthew Henderson
9:20pm Grace Thomas
shot of the two exhibition courts.  Mike Johnson below watching one of his players.

The above area looking down on the courts. 

I will get some video clips up as the week goes on and more pics of the fabulous convention centre!

Part 2:  Afternoon matches
Gavin refereeing post match
Gavin Maxwell beat Ricardo Toscano (GUA): 3-1.  Next match, tomorrow 4:05 pm with Mohanad Hekal (CAN) in the 3rd round
Matthew Refereeing post match

Matthew Henderson beat Sergio Martin (MEX) : 3-1.  Next match, tomorrow at 4:45pm with TBD.

Nathan Von Hagen lost to Jack Turvey (ENG) : 3-1. Next match, tomorrow at 9:05am with William Kuhn ONT. 

Coming up:
9:20pm Grace Thomas (3/4 seed) beat Amber Peacey (ENG) 9/12 : 3-0 Next match tomorrow at 6:05pm with Lakeesha Rarere (AUS). 

Benjamin Uliana

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