Monday, December 14, 2015

Day 3: Matthew Henderson Steals the Show

We are going into our 3rd day of competition with many important matches coming up.

Semi-Final matches
BU 19 Matthew Henderson BC vs Alex Eustace (AUS)  6:55pm EST
BU 17 Ryan Picke BC vs Akasham Rajagopaul ON 6:10pm EST
GU 17 Nour Elhendawi BC vs Hanna Blatt MAN 6:55pm EST
BU 15 Mitchell Kanhert BC vs Enrique Momcada (MEX) 6:10pm

1 match away from top 8
GU 19 Grace Thomas 5:00pm EST
GU 17 Andrea Toth 8:50pm EST
BU 15 Sayeed Mavani 8:15pm EST
BU 13 Christian Yuen 5:00pm EST

BC has done well this event.  But we will be finding out if we are doing well or just awesome this afternoon.

Kellan O'Neill and Nathan VonHagen will continue their run in the Boys Under 17 Bronze draw.  Both boys won their matches this morning and have another at 5:40 pm.  But like many of the afternoons for the past two days we expect to the courts to late...As I write this I am waiting for the 4:30 match to start...35 min late and counting.  (Aside, as I sit here and talk to the kids about their up coming matches I think I will have all 3 going on at the same time!)  

Well next post to this page will have the results from the afternoons matches.

If everything is going to happen at once it always does.  Grace, Gavin and Christian all went on court at the same time!  To keep things simple here are the results

Grace Thomas lost to Tara Shannon 3-1
Gavin Maxwell beat to Alex Reidlesheimer 3-0
Christian Yuen Beat Amin Khan 3-2

Gavin did win in 3 games but each of those games went to extra points.  But every time I looked at Gavin he was in good spirits which meant he was playing well.  

Christian Yuen, had an epic match.  The first two games were unbelievably short.  His opponent hits both sides of the court using two hands, and moves very awkwardly.  But seemed to always move in the right direction.  After settling Christian down and getting him focussed on the basics the longer rallies opened up opportunities for Christian.  Between the 4th and 5th games Christian was visible tired, sore and depleted.  It since it was the 5th game, I explained that he is now experiencing what is truly like to compete at squash!  Its going to hurt but you need to find a way.  In the 5th Christian was down 10-6 to Khan,  but amazing battled back for a 13-11 win in the 5th and place in the top 8 of the 2015 CJO.

Grace Thomas, played good squash this evening but her opponent played better.  Shifting momentums one player edging the lead and then losing it to the other.  in the end Tara made a couple less errors and this was the difference in the match.  A heart breaker loss in the 4th and a 9th/12th finish for Grace.  

Matthew Henderson was up for the 4th match of the evening in the Boy Under 19 Semi-Final against the Australian player, Alex Eustace.  After the warm-up Gavin, and I agreed that Matt and visibly lost the warm-up.  But that did not deter Matt because he put on a performance that would dazzle poor Alex.  In the first game Alex won 8 points, 7 of those were on Matt's tins.  This was not the end of the Matt's great play because he just continued to open on the poor Australian who was shocked at Matt's retrieval and countering ability on in the match.  We have the whole match filmed and you can watch back at the club.  Tomorrow Matthew plays Jamie Oakley (NZL) seed at 1:45pm EST for the 2015 Boys Under 19 Champion.

Good Luck, good night

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